Over 100 officers a year are killed in the line duty across the United States. Here in Louisiana (Shreveport/Bossier to be specific) we have suffered the loss of 3 officers in 5 years. 3 more officers have been shot and were fortunate enough to live to keep protecting our communities.


Our Mission

We are police officers and physicians serving our community and protecting our citizens. We want not only every law enforcement officer to have access to this extremely import training and equipment, but also citizens.

   “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,”Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here I am. SEND ME.” -Isaiah 6:8


The trauma kit class was invaluable for me. It taught me how to use the combat gauze which I had to use on a stab victim a short time after the class. Without this class I would have had to look at my victim helplessly as he bled out. Not only did I have the trauma kit to use on my victim, I also had the proper training to use it effectively. I am forever grateful for this class and the training I received.
— Ofc. Pollitt




 “Amazing group of people. This is so needed for first responders and is saving lives! Thanks for all the hard work!”

-Clint Davis

“Awesome program!!”

  • Gary A. Pace

“An amazing selfless Group that not only services the LEO in very important equipment but also helps with the community in service related events.
Keep it up FC!” - Cpl. Kimberly Weaver

“A big THANK YOU to F.I.R.S.T Chance for spending time with the commercial property managers and maintenance staff at Vintage Realty Company. The training provided by your team was exceptional and it made us feel that we could use the tools provided to save a life and stop massive hemorrahaging in the case of an emergency. The presentation and hands-on training was easy to understand for a "civilian" and we believe would be of benefit to everyone in our community. Thanks for all you do to help save lives!”

- Sarona M. Snyder, Director of Commercial Property Management; General Manager-Healthcare

Great class, insightful instructor and awesome product.
— Caraleigh Denham
Great training that all LEO needs. In our current society, why take the chance and not have this information and equipment?
— Joey Bailey

What We've Achieved

  • So far, in Shreveport, we have deployed approximately 40+ belt trauma kits on citizens since September of 2015.

  • We have put over 1000 kits on officers and 70 trauma kit classes on to date.

  • Dr. Patrick McGauly, Trauma/ER surgeon for Oschner’s Health Center, our level 1 trauma center, certifies each officer with physician backing for use.

  • We are a 501c3 non-profit, Frontline Incident Response Solutions and Training.

  • Our money stays local. So you can rest assure money donated goes directly to those who serve YOU and YOUR loved ones.

Bleeding Control Bag

Bleeding Control Bag